Konsole Feature Idea - Keep command shown at top

Summary: While a command is running, have the command “frozen” (kind of like freezing row 1 in an excel document) at the top of the konsole. (or maybe a button you could click that pops up a window showing the currently running command?)

I assume we all frequently run long running commands with a lot of output (e.g. “rsync -v” of a large dir). After the command starts running, the konsole quickly fills up the scroll back queue. I know I can increase the scroll back lines, but that can be a memory hit.

Then I find myself wondering, did I --exclude the right directories? My memory sucks. I don’t really want to wait for the entire command to finish (sometimes hours), but if its wrong, I’d rather kill it and restart quickly.

Warp does that.

But Warp and the embedded terminal in vscode are the only two that don’t stick to the “terminal is a fixed grid of characters” idea. Even kitty, with its pretty advanced shell integration, doesn’t do that.

So I guess it’s quite unlikely that Konsole will implement this. However, it can have a shortcut to scroll back to your command, like in Kitty.

Memory for the scroll buffer is not an issue. It swaps out.

I try to stick as close to a vanilla install as possible. If this isn’t possible or worth the developers time, no big deal. I thought it might be a worthwhile and fairly easy add-on, so I threw it out there. If I’m wrong, no big deal.

As for the scroll buffer memory issue. On alma 9.3 there’s an orange triangle with an explanation point in it next to the “Scrollback” number of lines setting. When you click the triangle, it says “When using this option, the scrollback data will be saved to RAM. If you choose a huge value, your system may run out of free RAM and cause serious issues with your system”.

I’ve had problems with it in the past setting the scrollback to 10k lines and having 20+ tabs open, all with very long histories. Memory for scroll buffer definitely was an issue in the past and there’s still a warning there, so I assume its still an issue.