Konsole Q issue

I have a bunch of desktop actions in my konsole application. They work just fine, except for one thing. For whatever reason, hitting Q in a running session doesn’t quit the subscreen, return to terminal. It closes konsole completely. Doesn’t happen when I launch konsole, type in, say, htop. Then it works as it should. No biggie, just wondering why this is. I guess it’s due to the fact that the execute command for, example, htop " konsole -e htop " kinde runs a new instance whereas typing htop in an opened window creates a subscreen. Not sure.

Hi dzon,

Yep, I believe that’s the normal behaviour when you launch a program with konsole -e: once the program stops, konsole closes as well.

I could’ve sworn I had a workaround for this once. Must’ve been a script. Can’t remember. Again, no biggie. Maybe I’ll put the bunch altogether and launch as tabs from file.