Ksensors from qt3/kde3 to qt4/kde4


I’m trying to port ksensors from qt3/kde3 to qt4/kde4 using a fc38 fedora.

For ksensor qt3 I stopped at inserting cmake for compilation only, also because I understand that libqt4-qt3support is not available.

For ksensor qt4 I am attempting the conversion.

I wonder if anyone is interested.

And if anyone is willing to give me a hand, even just reviewing my code, help me disengage myself from points I’m stuck on or points that are obscure to me.

Then I will consider porting ksensor to qt5/kde5 .

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I apologize for deleting the posts, but it’s not to leave old information.

The porting to qt/kde 4 is finished, now the beta test and daily use phase begins.

you could try to move the project to invent.kde.org :slight_smile: It will makes it easier for people to contribute :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try :slightly_smiling_face: .

P.S. It seems that this thing doesn’t interest much, and that the port from qt/kde 3 scares a lot, and in fact it was quite wild to do it and get up to a beta version.

KSensors4 (port to qt/kde 4) is finished and released (in beta test, but it works).

Just for information and if you are interested.

After weeks of daily use of ksensors qt/kde 4, I started porting it to qt/kde 5.