Ktorrent problem

Ktorrent does not display an icon in the system tray even though the option is selected in the settings.
The program does not minimize to tray. If I turn it off, it still appears in the system monitor.
Can this be somehow fixed?

Yes I just fixed it the other day. Click on the ^ next to the system tray. Next select the two line icon (Configure System Tray) beside the pin icon. This gets you to the System Tray Settings Plasma screen. In there choose the Entries icon look for the KTorrent one and change it to always shown then it shows up in the tray without fail.

Works :slight_smile: Thank You.

Two more questions. How to make it hide from the bar to the tray when minimizing?
Is it possible to disable app shutdown confirmation?

It does not show in the taskbar here but I have it set to start minimized to the tray in the settings that may have something to do with it. I just stopped it and started it again I seen it briefly in the taskbar then it minimized to tray. When I used the minimize arrow to have it disappear from the screen it stayed in the tray using the x close button it went to the tray as normal. Never seen any confirmation on close dialog ever with it, I am using the 23.08.4 version of the program.

I use 23.08.4 to


Means: Are you sure you want to quit?
With Right click on mouse

Ok I see the stupid thing now I know how you get it, no clue on getting rid of it though.