KTorrent using 2GB of RAM - is this normal?

I have 37 torrents seeding with KTorrent and it’s currently using 2GB of RAM. Is this normal / expected?

The lack of responses indicates that there may not be other KTorrent users here familiar with its resource usage profile when loaded that heavily. But in general, the more you ask of your apps, the more resources they’ll use. 37 concurrent torrents sounds like a lot to me, so at first glance, I wouldn’t find it insane for an app being used that intensely. However it’s quite possible that the code could be optimized to reduce this usage.


I like to imagine that there are a number of long-time BitTorrent users who just keep seeding just about everything they leech, so it doesn’t sound like a terribly large number to me, but that’s neither here nor there. I just did a bit of a comparison with another machine running RTorrent, which is managing 141 torrents at the moment; it’s using 5.785 GB. KTorrent comes out looking pretty good in light of that, as it’s at 54MB / torrent vs. 41 MB / torrent with RTorrent. RTorrent has no GUI overhead either.

KTorrent is sitting at less than 500MB just now also, so I’m not sure what was going on there, but that would bring it down to < 13.5 MB / torrent.

All this to say… I guess it is normal?

for what it’s worth, I have 217 of them and 1 is currently active (uploading).
Ktorrent is at 245MB usage.

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