Kubuntu 23.10 won't recognize ports from HP Dock

I just bought HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 and would like to use it so that I could connect external HD to USB-C (Thunderbolt) and plug my headphones into it.

Now the situation is that monitor works fine from the dock (displayport), but Kubuntu won’t find any devices from USB-C, USB-A or headphone ports.

Any ideas how I should start digging into this?


Okay I was too quick with the post. I resolved this issue, I found instructions from Linux Mint forum.

The solution is to activate the device with boltctl command.

Here is the commands I used:



sudo boltctl enroll --policy auto UUID

Now all the ports started working! Even audio coming through.

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Not sure what the paranoia is about the UUID but you clearly missed the full display of it with the dbus path: showing it…