Kwin Crashes when system wakes up

You probably have updated kwin since you had the crash.
The binary file must match the trace precisely.

its still happening, even after updates and whatnot. it happens when my system wakes up from sleeping or hibernating. due to this I just resorted to shutting down my system when I’m away. the only thing that makes it go away is a reboot, haven’t tried relogging tho.

Btw make sure, you have the latest Plasma version, a bunch of similar bugs have been fixed in 6.0.1 and 6.0.2.
If not on latest version, do you still experience the crash after updating ?

By the way, I should have asked earlier, what kind of graphical hardware do you have ?

i have a 3080ti, i do believe it’s on its way out, I’m getting graphical errors in some of my games, its not consistent. I can run hell divers 2 just fine but halo infinite crashes, and Minecraft has random black frames. idk. but in the bottom right when I relog it says kwin crashed due to a graphical error, it wasn’t saying that before. before it was saying that kwin crashed or restarted or something

and yes I’m in update 6.0.2

And what is your distro ?

You might to do an option to your kernel boot setting to improve the behavior of your GPU.

You can try X11 that might help you.

I came over from x11 since I was using budgie before I’m and it was literally the same thing.

What distro are you using?
What nvidia drivers are you using?
And how did you install the drivers?

endoevor os

[patovii@PtarSystem ~]$ pacman -Qs nvidia
local/egl-wayland 2:1.1.13-1
    EGLStream-based Wayland external platform
local/lib32-libvdpau 1.5-2
    Nvidia VDPAU library
local/lib32-nvidia-utils 550.54.14-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities (32-bit)
local/libvdpau 1.5-2
    Nvidia VDPAU library
local/nvidia 550.54.14-6
    NVIDIA drivers for linux
local/nvidia-hook 1.5-1
    pacman hook for nvidia
local/nvidia-inst 23.1-1
    Script to setup nvidia drivers (dkms version) in EndeavourOS
local/nvidia-lts 1:550.54.14-4
    NVIDIA drivers for linux-lts
local/nvidia-utils 550.54.14-4
    NVIDIA drivers utilities

and I got them via pacman.

Try using your distributions method of installing instead, maybe that automatically adds hooks in mkinitcpio.conf, edits your grub as needed and creates config files.
Using pacman definitely does not. (or just add all the suff yourself, it’s all in the arch wiki)

It could be that. (configuration)
Maybe try with prime?
Could also be you missing microcode (probably not, but it is a hook now, check for pacnew files if you don’t have it).

There is also stuff you need to configure for nvidia if it is hibernation rather than sleep we are talking about.

kwin crashes when waking up from both hibernation and sleep

I should say that by the same was happening on x11 I mean my gaming graphical glitches, not kwin crashing.

Im also having a similar issue but it happens regardless of hibernation or not.

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