[KWin][KIO] Add window properties to desktop file properties dialog

I need to force screen for game. Game do not contains such option. Would be it great to set options for each window of app by desktop file properties. I mean settings of settings for specific window of kwin, but user may set settings for each window of app.

I believe you can use Window Rules for this. But to my knowledge there isn’t a way to do it via desktop files.

Yes, but Window Rules won’t work if I have two different desktop files launching the same app with different arguments, and I want to change some properties in one of them.

E.g. I’d launch two Konsole windows in different dirs. And one of them should be borderless.

Perhaps this is why some terminal apps allow you to set its window class in cmdline.

Would be nice if we can set window properties in the desktop file, and store them on the cgroup node. However, it’s unclear whether they should apply to the first window in that group, or all windows in the first process in the group, or all windows in all processes in the group.