Latest RSS feed not exposed on main page

I thought it was missing on all the pages but then I navigated to /latest and saw the icon from my Feed Preview extension in Firefox. I setup my feed the other day in my RSS reader, (akregator as of last night, rssguard no more) after finding the feed url on some other site, maybe which has the /latest.rss and /posts.rss exposed on the main page.

And now I see the main page is actually just like /categories which it sticks to even if you click on the Discuss logo, with the sticking part being a uniquely discourse thing I’m starting to notice. /categories does have the feeds exposed, so it’s literally just the bare that doesn’t expose it.

I’m probably just making a lot of noise here for nothing, but I’m hitting create anyway this time. As a long time RSS user thanks for having it, I know the trend is to call it old and disable it.

/latest for me:

  • maybe did not work initially (no indicator in the URL bar) with Want My RSS
  • does work with RSSPreview, after I enabled the extension (I had disabled it due to the absence of release notes at AMO)
  • now does work with Want My RSS (after enabling RSSPreview)
  • does work with Sage-Like.

Not my imagination.

After my post above, I disabled Want My RSS then browsed ordinarily to /latest and observed that neither RSSPreview nor Sage-Like was triggered – their icons are missing from the URL bar:

The bug, whatever its causes, is currently consistently reproducible for me.


  1. click the home page icon (KDE icon)
  2. observe Categories
  3. Control-F5 (reload without caches)
  4. click Latest


  1. URL bar icons for relevant extensions to Firefox

Actual result

  1. absence of icons (pictured above)


  1. Control-R (normal reload)

– screenshot available, however as a new user I am (as expected) allowed only one shot in this post.

Mozilla Discourse

Before reproducing the bug, a broad array of icons in the URL bar.

Then, bugged (three fewer icons):

The third icon that’s missing from the URL bar does not relate to RSS, it’s the icon for Service Worker Detector.