Launcher - Calibre ALWAYS launches instead of KCalc?

Typical scenario when multi-tasking/working. Hit start key (keyboard) and quickly type “calc” and enter as I expect to launch the calculator, to do a quick math on some problem. Instead I get…Calibre! And it happens most of the times. This is rather frustrating as it completely breaks whatever mental workflow I might be in the middle of. How can I avoid this nuisance? Kcalc should be able to override this and take over as the first result when typing “Calc”.
NOTE: This happens for a blip second if I’m doing something fast. Somehow I think the results might auto-correct after a second, but the first result out of the bat is always wrong.

I have both Kcalc and Calibre installed. In the menu search “calc” launches kcalc for me, “cal” launches calibre.

Interesting - I use both krunner and my main menu for launching…

Typing ‘Ca’ gets Calibre in the menu, kca gets the calculator (though usually I use qa for Qalculate! (qt)… but then there’s Libreoffice Calc which is best called with spr for spreadsheet, as ‘Calc’ doesn’t work unless I want to move to arrows to choose an option from the list… so remember you can around it with common launches by editing or creating my own, and giving it a distinct name (or description) to pull up…

For example, I have ‘Conky’ which launches 4 main conkies, but I copied that, pointed it at a script which kills conky and launches all 6 conkies on my system (some of them time-out) and put the description ‘again’ so that I can type that in krunner to launch it.

For common stuff - like calculator - remember, there are also a LOT of easily remembered shortcuts for F keys…

Remember - there are Function keys too.

MetaF12 Calculator
AltF12 Libreoffice Calc
CtrlAltF12 Qalculate!

I actually drew a chart to record my F-key shortcuts… so that if you don’t have Fn shortcuts - or just ignoring those you have at least 3 instantly accessible direct shortcuts…

Layering shortcuts is interesting - I have Volume, and then Alt+Volume does ‘media’ volume (instead of changing the MASTER volume, it changes the application volume - so I can turn down the music without turning down the notifications etc…).