Less functionality of reminder of KOrganizer 5.22.3?

Hallo Discuss Community!

From few weeks I updated the OS (openSUSE Leap, from 15.4 to 15.5) using the same home directory. Consequently KDE Plasma was also updated (from 5.24.4 to 5.27.9) and Kontact too, from 5.19 to 5.22.3
Generally it is better, because some issues (in Kmail) are now solved. But I find the new reminder tool in KOrganizer 5.22.3 as a worsening.

In previous versions the remind was a kind of mini windows, where the user had more options to react:

In the event it was also possible to let the reminder running an application /script at user defined time or sending an email.
Further the user was able to set any remind sound in the event (or to do).

Now in KOrganizer 5.22.3 there are less options:

  • In the event reminder tool you can only choose between a display text and a sound. But you will not get the sound, you have set, when the remind comes.
  • Settings for start an application / a script or sending an email are no more possible.

When the new reminder box pops up, you only can:

  • suspend the duration only in 5 or 60 minutes (not any delay)
  • dismiss the remind (“Schließen” in German language)
    Thus, it is no more possible:
  • to edit the event (i.e. adding a recurrence exception for the current day)
    Calendar Remind in Kontakt 5-22-3

Is this new less functionality due to issues in my KOrganizer settings or is it the new KDE standard?

Especially - the “old” sound remind and the editing features (from the remind box) are much important for me.
The first one, because I used to set different sounds depending on the kind of event and/or on the rest time until the event begin;
The second one, because I set a recurring exception, if I know, I can not do the task on that day. Now, without the direct edit link I have to find the reminded task among all to-does, in order to make changes.