Link here command drag and dropping from browser: where to report?


I’d like to report a bug that to me implies multiple systems: dragging and dropping the page icon from any of the major browsers into Dolphin exposes an option to copy here/link here/move here. Selecting “Link here” creates a .desktop file with the name being the URL of the page that was dragged, including the https://.

I know that this is not the place to report bugs. But I’m not sure where to report this bug: is it Dolphin, the browser(s), something else? This issue occurs with both Firefox and Chrome so it could be the browser but the menu that appears in Dolphin is the same as when dragging and dropping any file. I don’t know if this menu is a Dolphin feature or something else in the KDE libraries.

Could someone please point me to the proper place to report this?


What’s the bug, exactly?

When dragging and dropping from the address bar (the lock icon in Chrome, the settings button or the lock button in Firefox) into a Dolphin window, the menu to Copy Here/Link Here/Move Here appears. Choosing Link Here creates a .desktop file with the name being the URL of the page that was dragged, including the “https://”.

This file can be renamed in Dolphin, but not renamed by the Perl rename utility, presumably because of the “/”, which as far as I know isn’t even a legit character for a filename in most file systems!

I have tested this in the most recent stable version of KDE Neon, and it occurs there as well the version of KDE that’s in my system’s Debian 10.

If dragged into Thunar, a window Create Link appears prompting for a name for the file and its icon, using the title of the page by default. That’s why I don’t think this is a browser issue.

In Windows, the same action (dragging and dropping that icon from a browser) creates a .url file with the name being the title of the page. Again, this is probably not a browser issue.

So in a nutshell, you think the name of the file that gets created should be the page title, and not the page URL?

The character is not a /, it’s a “Unicode Fraction Slash”. If Perl can’t handle that then it sounds like Perl is broken

Correct. I just need to know where to report this

Thank you, Now I can file a bug against Perl and the detox utility too. > enter bug > frameworks & libraries > frameworks-kio. Make sure to mark it as a “wishlist” since you’re requesting a change to something that’s currently functioning as designed.