List "custom" XKB layout in system settings

Hi there,

I want to get started with a new keyboard layout from the Neo family (www neo-layout org). It is Noted, and I tried to install it according to this guide (www neo-layout org/Layouts/noted/#download-und-installation). In a nutshell, I downloaded a file called custom and put it to the symbols folder:

curl '' | sudo tee /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/custom

After that I should be able to select a custom layout from the keyboard layout settings. Unfortunately, custom does not show up.

If I setup a fresh Debian Testing in a virtual environment, the above step works. I also checked the contents of /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/* and all files are the same in the VM and on my Debian.

I use Debian Testing, which I upgraded from Debian Bookworm. It could be that the Bookworm was Bullseye before, since the installation is very old. Reinstallation from scratch is not an option here. The issue is reproducible on two similar configured Debian machines of mine. It also does not matter whether I chose X11 or Wayland.

I really need some help investigating this. What could I change to get the custom layout show up?

I just created a new user on my system. Even this fresh test user isn’t able to select the custom layout. So I am even more unsure what to change.

This depends on the localisations.

In KDE (and Xfce4 and presumably some other DEs as well) the short tag is not shown in the dialog. Only the description text is. This text reads A user defined custom layout in English. Since this text contains custom, it is presented when looking for that.

Once the system language is set to something else, e.g. German, the localised description is shown. It reads Eine benutzerdefinierte Belegung in German and is not shown when looking for custom.

Thus, the option was always there but has to be selected by its localised description.