Lock Screen issues

Hey all. I am very new to linux and recently downloaded KDE plasma and loving it so far but i have one issue related with the lock screen not working properly. Sometimes when my screen gets locked and i try to log back in using my password, it doesn’t let me pass. My keyboard is working fine but when i hit enter, the screen registers and incorrect password even though i typed it correctly. This issue only happens occasionally but everytime it does i have to force shutdown and this can get quite annoying if i have important files up and running. I’ve tried clicking the “hibernate” or “switch users” or “virtual keyboard” buttons and none of them work.
Appreciate your time!


Even though you can’t view your password when you initially login to a KDE Plasma session, when the screen has been locked. at the right-hand end of the password entry field of the locked screen, there’s an “eye” symbol –

  • Click on the “eye” symbol before you hit the return key and, check that your entered password is in fact correct.

Using the KDE Plasma System Settings, if you select from the Hardware category the Input Devices section – subsection Keyboard – you can setup the exact Hardware keyboard model you’re actually using, the keyboard layout and, at the bottom of the “Hardware” there’s a test area to allow you to check your specific KDE Plasma hardware settings.

As a workaround you can unlock from a virtual terminal (so you don’t lose important data).
See: KDE will not accept keyboard input (on unlock screen) - #12 by Duha