Log in to the snap store?

Is this a legitimate dialog? I’ve never had it before. When Discover wants to update my Firefox snap, I get “Log in to the Snap store:”

I don’t have any Snap store credentials. What’s this about?

Could I have some kind of malware?

Snap Store

Why should I need credentials to update my Firefox snap?

EDIT: Now I was able to update it without entering any “Snap store” credentials. May have been related to the bug where entering my root pass for elevated privileges fails to elevate the privileges. Not sure how I can be the only one with that bug, but it has existed even after a fully fresh install.

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Of what? Oh I missed the tag. Sorry.

Root password? On neon?
What bug?

You would be the only person perhaps, if you are enabling root on an Ubuntu based distro, or others that use sudo in similar manners. Oddball things have been known to happen on occasion, even before normal human error.

My initial guess is that root somehow owns something it isn’t supposed to.

I meant my admin password maybe? My password required for elevated privileges.

Well, that throws my thoughts out the door.

This is the password you set during the installation, for the user account created there, correct?

Yes, exactly. When I came in from outdoors just now and re-activated the computer from sleep, I had to enter it 4 times to successfully gain elevated privileges when logging into Eddie for my Air VPN connection. I am the only Neon user right now with this issue? Thing is it was on my old KDE Neon install from the version 5 days, so I thought a fresh install using the latest ISO (6.0.3 at the time) would solve it, but no.

By the way, after the snap update of my snap Firefox my Discover has morphed into supporting snaps in general.

That’s why in the Settings I see Snap underneath Flathub. However, Flathub is checked and Snap is not, and I’m not able to check the Snap repository. Not sure why it’s unchecked and I can’t do anything about it.

I haven’t seen anything like this at all in all the places I hang out or lurk in. However, the wider Ubuntu 22.04 user base is quite large, so my own contact patch is going to be small, if this is something unrelated to Plasma.

Forgot to mention my older install of Neon was not having this issue most of the time. It just happened recently, like in the past weeks. I’ve been hoping it goes away as the developers fix something. Currently when I tried logging into Eddie, I got in on the first try. It’s sporadic like that. And I know my password is not being mistyped, so that’s not it. On my system it’s definitely related to something in the recent code.

Therefore to say: the older Neon install was fine until a few weeks ago. Then I did a fresh install, but that changed nothing.

Beyond this, my Neon system works very well. I don’t consider major this elevated privileges issue, just an annoyance I deal with.

No, you’re not. Immediately following an update I saw the exact same thing: Discover indicating FF needed to be updated and subsequently presenting the snap store login screen you showed in your original post. However, I rebooted my Neon VM and after that Discover no longer showed the FF update. Running Neon 6.0, all other packages freshly updated, on a Virtualbox VM on a Win10 host.

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