Logo cut off by a bit

As you may see, the svg of the logo is currently cut off to the right.

Just take a look:

That should be an easy fix, shouldn’t it?

Edit: Other users noticed priorly, it seems: https://discuss.kde.org/t/initial-feedback-on-forum/34/9

Great to see this new forum, btw :grinning:

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Interesting I don’t see this. What browser is this in? I’m using Firefox and the text is fully visible.

I’m using Firefox as well and it’s the same in Chromium for me. Interestingly, on my mobile phone, the text next to the KDE logo is not an svg but plain text instead. Thus it is not cut off in any way.

Viewing the svg in Inkscape, it is noticeable that some part of the text is not on the canvas.

I noticed the same on Firefox desktop.
I’d also make the title a bit smaller while we’re at it

After looking into the svg again, I think now I see the problem.
The font set in the svg is ‘Noto Sans’ which I’ve installed on my desktop but not on my phone. That’s why my phone uses a fallback font instead.

So the text just has to be set to the font we want and then converted to a path so the font can’t change depending on the fonts installed on one’s system, right?

Who has the permissions to fix the logo here?


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Should be fixed now, the text has been converted to a path. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:


Looks great, thank you!

Speaking of the logo, I just found out that some light themes do not work with it.

Using the ‘WCAG Light’ theme the logo becomes completely invisible.
Using the ‘Solarized Light’ theme the visibility is pretty bad.

Is there a way to set a logo depending on the theme used or any other way to solve this?

Hello @sitter and @carl, do you see a way to solve the theming problem mentioned above?

It’s definitely possible to dynamically recolor the logo depending on the theme, I’m doing this for the new Krita site for example.

Wouldn’t it be better for the sake of accessibility to have it set to the system’s font, though? The font can be served by the webpage anyway, so conversion to a vector graphic shouldn’t be necessary whatsoever.

I meant the logo itself, I didn’t realize that the “Discuss” part was part of the image :smile:


Uh oh.

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