Looking for an effect I totally forgot how to do

Hi there!
I 'd really appreciate if you could help my to solve this…
A ling time ago, I made something that right now I can’t replicate.
I wasn’t able to find the exact effect I did use… The image narrowed in the center.
Could you figure it out?
Thank you in advance!
efecto de Kden que no encuentro

No clue how to solve it but can give a solution to the not knowing how to do it again. With every install I do I make what I label as a Distribution_Version.number_Install.txt file that contains all the things I changed like solving a problem mentioned here. So you can go back and quickly find the solution used if it pops up again. You may want to give this a try yourself to save another situation like this.


Which KDE Plasma image editor were you using to produce that effect?

  • Was it Krita?
  • Or, was it the «not KDE» “GIMP”?
  • Or, is it a video image?

Thank you both for your help.
It’s a screen shot, but is a clip in which the image narrows in the center and keeps the corners fixed.
It’s the effect that is here

Guys, I’ve found it!! I’m so happy.
It was DEFISH, I should move the manual aspect.
So, it’s SOLVED!
Thank you ever so much for your patience and kindness and time!
Best regards and a happy new year!


Also – Happy New Year!!!