Looking for visual, keyboard driven window switching

Problem: I want to be able to quickly switch to a specific window using a small number of specific key presses.

Win+1, Win+2, etc help tremendously if i want to switch to frequntly used apps (terminal, editor, browser).

For less often used apps I currently use Alt+tab window cycling, but its not great, as doing a linear search through all the windows is inefficient.

“Present Windows” is a nice alternative to Alt+tab, as I can immediately see which window I want to switch to. However, once I identify the window, I either need to use the mouse to click on it, or I need to type part of its name (which is unbounded number of keystrokes if there are similarly named apps).

Is there some way to add shortcuts to “Present Windows”, such that I, for example, can click 1, 2, 3, etc to switch to first, second, third window in that view?

Present Windows and Overview have a filter feature. So if you know the name of the window, you can invoke either of those effects, start typing a window name, and then hit Enter. It’s quite fast.

Yeah, I know that, and that’s not enough for two reasons for me:

  • windows can have similar names, so you might have to type more than one symbol
  • it requires attention, as you need to lookup window title, start typing that, and the check if you’ve typed enough

I am basically looking for this UI here: