Loving Kup Backups! But it's not asking for confirmation consistently

It it okay to love your backup program?

I’m migrating away from Windows and am enjoying the integrated Kup/bup for backups. While Kup seems a bit neglected, I’m still finding it pretty amazing. On Windows I used the built-in File History and it worked very well; Kup, with bup, works even better.

However, my issue is, even though I have enabled Ask for confirmation before saving backup, Kup does not do this consistently; sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. This is not a big deal because Kup with bup is so damn efficient, but I’d still like to be prompted before an intensive process runs, especially when I’m on battery power.

Anyone run into this issue and know of a fix?


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Yes, and no.
But I , nor anyone else, have not bothered to file a bug report on this. So no one really knows about it.

Done: 477002 – Kup does not ask for confirmation consistently

If possible, I’d appreciate it if you would add some commentary to the bug report to further define the issue and/or help with the exposure.