Maintenance and performance gains

Hi, suggestion:

1 - Addition of maintenance/cleaning option in Discover.
For self cleaning, removing old kernel, old updates, etc.
Also fix and install dependencies that are missing in programs and system, that did not come with the installer, fix broken packages, etc.
2 - Addition of a tab for resource/hardware optimization in system settings.
For gaming performance gains.
And in system programs, in practically any situation, if the user does not play any games.

Success always :grin::+1:

re 2.
There are some programs out there for more fine-grained power/performance tuning, like CoreCtrl and TuxClocker.

I think it would be neat if Plasma could integrate some of this functionality into the Power Management module in System Settings, but in a way that doesn’t assume deep knowledge of Linux knobs and doesn’t scare away people who are new to this (or who don’t need this level of customization in the first place). Maybe one day I’ll be able to make some time for this. Anyone can contribute though if they think this is a good idea :+1: