Make default settings for a larger number of installations in a business environment?

Is there a way to make some default settings to the Plasma desktop for freshly installed systems?

E.g. to provide the users with some preferred standard widgets or settings within some applications, locale settings and so forth.

There are some similar questions within this discussion board but with no really useful answers. Does that mean that there is no way?

The only thing that comes to my mind is to have these settings in the skeleton home directory.

KDE software for the most part uses a library called KConfig, which handles the regular use cases of reading and writing to $HOME/.config/<configfile>, but also has built-in functionality for cascading settings from system-level locations. The sysadmin side of this was called Kiosk - I don’t believe the Kiosk GUI administration tool has been ported to recent versions of Qt / KDE Frameworks, but the underlying functionality still works as well as ever.

I have not personally used this. However, in a nutshell, it’s possible to take an existing config file from your local per-user directory and put it into /etc/xdg, so it will provide default values for all users. With a possibility of locking down entries, and expanding environment variables including the respective username. Here is some reference documentation. Hope it helps!

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