Make dolphin (KIO) as default file picker in every app

Some apps use GTK based file picker which is totally inefficient. Is it possible to make that irrespective of the app to use Dolphin as File picker ?

You can try installing `xdg-desktop-portal` packages as well as setting `GTK_USE_PORTAL=1`, but not every app supports it.
Some apps might not support this.

Firefox needs a setting. Firefox - ArchWiki

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FYI Dolphin is not the file picker.
KIO framework provides the file-picker that shares some code with Dolphin and mimics its UI and features on purpose.

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FYI, I did saw that in another thread. So, I mentioned it in brackets in title.

It is already installed in fedora. How do I set it up ?

For Firefox, KIO seems to be opening up slower than the GTK one.

Is there a any package like KIO in GNOME side atleast to use nautilus which is far more better than the current GTK file picker ?

AFAICT no, it is the same as Dolphin/KIO with nautilus/GTK, traditionally file picker can’t be implemented by file browsers.
But that’s not impossible. GNOME devs have been discussing it.

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