Many of the old KDE forum's links are broken

I tend to look up stuff about old KDE products such as Amarok and KDE 4 (the nostalgia!), and it seems like a lot of posts I find from DuckDuckGo are broken. I can’t even press the search button on the old forum without getting a “not found” error. I understand that there are efforts to archive and preserve the forum but it seems like the site keeps breaking more and more as time goes on. Maybe a solution could be to import all content from the old forum here under a category such as “Old Forum” and then use some kind of subcategory system to have it appear similarly to the old forum. This way we would have a reliable archive of the old forum for anybody who needs it, while encouraging new discussions here in the new Discourse forum.


I found this too.

Topic links

Links to topics don’t work. I had to massage the URL to URL-encode the question mark starting the query string (change ? to %3F), and add .html on the end
Broken link:
works after hacking it to:

Forum links

Same thing, URL-encode the ? and add .html on the end.
Broken link:
works after hacking it to:

Post links

I haven’t figured out the hacking to get a link to a particular post in a topic to work. I have old bookmarks like
and the best I can do is drop the &p=POSTID post parameter and put it in or keep the hash fragment #pPOSTID.

Where can I report this bug with the old web site?

I can’t even press the search button on the old forum without getting a “not found” error.

I don’t see Search any more on the old pages.

Yeah, I’m seeing too many broken links too such as :

Someone who made all of these changes to the subdomains should at least setup the redirect to make it work. KDE need to run broken link checkers to resolve all of these broken links.

I have recently tried to download/install new icon pack from within Plasma however I’m running into problem getting new icons due to broken link, server overload, etc. That’s not a good experience for the end user so I’d recommend that KDE refrain from changing the URL or making big changes (e.g. subdomain) without ensuring that redirection is working as intent.

The KDE Store link didn’t change though, did it? If links there change, that’s probably Pling’s fault and not KDE’s since we don’t run it.