Mentor to guide KDE Connect plugin dev

Hello, I would like to create or co-create a KDE Connect plugin. I have never made a KDE app (or C++ & QT) before and would like to find some help, even if professional.

The software kvm plugin would orchestrate barrier/synergy/input-leap (lan-mouse looks nice but not ready) with paired devices.


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I also have never made a KDE or QT app, only have some experience with C++ from college, so I can’t be properly a mentor. But I do have experience programming, both from college and work (with other languages), so maybe I could help or we could try to start this project. I was thinking of developing a plugin just like this, same idea, inspired by Synergy and also Samsung’s Multi Control feature. We already have a mouse and keyboard sharing plugins in KDE connect, even working between different OS (at least for me it works seamlessly between Linux, Windows and Android). So, it might be possible to use those plugins as a base and extend their functionality. We can start by at least trying to get a global keyboard shortcut working to switch between devices. The screen edge detection might be a little trickier, but I think we could pull that off too.

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Hi, and welcome to the community! I don’t know much about how KDE Connect is developed, but check out the Contributing section of their README if you haven’t already. (I also see there’s a Matrix room, not listed in the README, perhaps that’s just a bridge to their liberachat IRC channel though.)

KDE Connect has been known to mentor projects, most recently they contributed some ideas for Google Summer of Code 2024, where one student got accepted for this stipend. Ask the KDE Connect team and perhaps Albert Vaca Cintora in particular about mentorship, there’s a chance that there’s still some capacity among the team to mentor more than that one.

Good luck and have fun!