Merge Request pipeline query

I’m reading through the history for the merge request revolving (pun intended) around the desktop cube effect which is being reimplemented.

Is there someone who can clarify what needs to be done to support making this happen for Plasma 6?

Really appreciate the time it takes for volunteer devs to implement (and re-implement from scratch) features we’ve become used to, but lost in new releases due to a new codebase. Here’s hoping for good news soon.

You may want to comment on the MR and specifically mention the author - Vlad Zahorodnii (who seems to have dropped off from the discussion a year ago, possibly because they lost interest?) and Fushan Web (an active KDE developer who have approved this MR at some point, but then unapproved it? maybe it was by mistake?).

Currently this MR is unmergable and requires some manual work to get it up to date - you can offer to do that work to get it past the finish line.

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Acknowledged, I’ve pushed a query. My skills are primarily in legacy languages, but happy to learn.

Hey, C++ is a legacy language :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve just done a build from Gitlab for Cube, and it works fine. It doesn’t respect animation speed however, so it’s markedly faster than the default animation speed for the rest of the system.

It’s a great start, however, and it should satisfy those who really need cube back. For me, cognitively working with multiple desktops, it was a huge help being able to visualise them as a cube.

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