Merging several videos in one video

Hi, I was wondering if your program can merge several videos under 5 minutes long into one video while maintaining the quality? How would I do that?

Also, how would I go about censoring/blurring out a small area of a video?


a) Depends on the desired result. With mkvtoolnix-gui some video formats with the same codec can be concatenated. With a video editor each codec can be merged to a new video and then it is exported lossless.

b) For pixelation there are many area filters, from coarse pixelation to unsharp masking everything is usually there, I liked to use Delogo.


sorry if this is considered thread hijacking, but I have the same question as the OP about merging videos.

I have several mp4 video files that I previously edited in Kdenlive and rendered using the default “MP4-H264/AAC” preset.
Now I would like to merge these video files into one video, but obviously without having to render them again.
Is there a way to do this in Kdenlive or do I have to use another program?