Merkuro versus Kontact

Does anyone happen to know what the reason is for, the introduction of the Merkuro suite?

  • Is it meant to supplement or replace the existing Kontact PIM suite?
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From its description:

Will insert Merkuro application replace insert Kontact application?

For the time being, no.

Kontact has an incredibly expansive feature set, which makes it a powerful tool for power users. Merkuro is instead focused on providing an approachable PIM suite for Plasma. You can expect great usability and a visually appealing interface that works on both desktop and mobile.
The intention is for the two suites to co-exist and for you to have the choice of using the one best suited to your needs. If you really need the advanced and expansive feature-set of Kontaxt, you will want to use that. If you want a versatile app set that is nice to use and you can comfortably use on your desktop and on your phone, Merkuro will fill that role well!

The cross-device support has my attention. I may start looking at this PIM suite, after ditching Kontact many moons ago.


I find Kmail, Kontact and the whole suit to be way more than I need nowadays. I switched to Thunderbird, but Merkuro just might be what I am looking for. I am looking forward to checking it out.

It looks as if, the girls and boys will have to get their naming act together –

  • Taking a look at the KDE Invent PIM list, there’s an awful number of packages in there – <>

  • Is “Merkuro” a Calendar application or, a PIM suite?
    Top of the description page:

A calendar application using Akonadi to sync with external services (Nextcloud, GMail, …)

Scrolling down a bit –

Merkuro is a application suite designed to make handling your emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks simple. Merkuro handles local and remote accounts of your choice, keeping changes synchronised across your Plasma desktop or phone.

Please be kind, the Merkuro branding is still new and it’s known that it’s still inconsistent. It’s in the process of being changed still, or you could help with that yourself (most of the information is able to be MR’d)


Does Merkuro support integration with calendar widget like Kontact (events, holidays) ? Because that is one of main reasons for me to use Kontact (instead of Thudnerbird), and it improves overall KDE experience.

From what I understand (and I am neither a dev nor used Merkuro yet), Merkuro also uses Akonadi as its backend, so all such calendar widgets (and in fact even Kontact) will use the same data.

Merkuro, Kontact, plasmoids/widgets are all essentially “just” frontends, and Akonadi is the common backend.

This is correct. Widgets and everything else depending on Akonadi will continue to function like normal.

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I’ve submitted the Bug Report number 473854 – <>

I hope that, the Modification Request / Change Request is worded such that, the folks maintaining the GitLab entry will neither be too piqued or too disgruntled … :upside_down_face: