Motion Tracking EarthStudio map

Hello KDE team,

I have been using kdenlive for a cpl of years to make small holiday clips for myself and friends (nothing too fancy or professional). Recently, I started on a personal project of learning how to motion tracking a map that i created with google earth studio (it is a map of a day trekking through hills, roads and coastline with a special friend, to which i would like to add a bit of colours&flowers) to make it as cinematic as “amateurly” possible)

Countless tutorial on youtube point to using AfterEffect or Render to add those finishing touches but I also learned that Da Vinci Resolve has motion tracking tools.

I am on Slackware-current and have installed the latest kdenlive 23.04.2 which run flawlessly however, it does not have any motion tracking option. Strangely, the same kdenlive.appimage has motion tracking.

Is something missing on my installation?

Thank you for any suggestions.


I am on Pop!_OS 22.04 with Kdenlive 23.04.2, and Motion Tracker is available. Same for the 23.04.2 appimage. My install is from kdenlive-stable ppa, though.

Hope this helps …

I am on Pop!_OS 22.04 with Kdenlive 23.04.2, and Motion Tracker is available. Same for the 23.04.2 appimage. My install is from kdenlive-stable ppa, though.

thank you for your reply. In my/slackware case, kdenlive is installed by default with KDE.

To make things more ambiguous, KDE webpage does not offer a single installable package.txz (slackware package extension); nevertheless, since you tickled my curiosity, I removed the standard package and installed it again from same result! No motion tracking on the installed version. Grr

I just discovered an interesting thing: if i work on my clip using motion tracking effect from the kdenlive.appimage and then reopen the video clip on my system -installed kdenlive, the key-points remain and the motion tracking works as it should (although I cannot edit/change it). Now, is that the magic of free open source software? or just ambiguous?

I am not a Linux expert so take this with a grain of salt: can you add the kdenlive-stable ppa to your package manager and have it install and update from there?

Thanks again,
now I gotta ask: what does PPA stand for/what is it?

I have been on Slackware for almost 2 decades and although I am not a guru or developer of any sort, I have never heard that acronym. I guess it stand for some sort of package management…

Well, believe it or not, slackware does not have an official automatic package manager (or at least it has its own). All updates/upgrades are carried out manually in a single repository.

Would you be so kind to be more specific on where you downloaded your kdenlive from? Although I am starting to think it is just a system-installation think of slackware becasue I read someone else’s old post on exactly the same issue.

I followed the instructions here. These are for Ubuntu (-based) distros, I reckon, so not sure whether this works for you. Good luck, though.

That’s what I thought!
ubuntu packages do not work on slackware as they are packaged using different libraries and dependencies.

I will keep switching back&forth between appimage and system-based kdenlive for now.

Thanks anyway for the effort.

Kdenlive uses OpenCV for its motion tracking. You need to build MLT with OpenCV support.

See here for more info: dev-docs/ · master · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab

hi there,

and thank you for your suggestion although, not very clear.

I just checked my installed packages and 'opencv-4.7.0-x86_64-1 is already there. MLT-7.16.0-x86_64-1 is also installed.

Does it mean that if i uninstall mlt and re-install the custom-built package with the option -DMOD_OPENCV=ON (as per the suggestion given in the link you provided) I will get motion tracking on my system-installed Kdenlive ?

Furthermore, will it go away at the next Kdenlive upgrade?

Thanks again!

p.s.: i smell hours of Linux console messing around, again! I love it!

edit: i just noticed that I do not have the pkg opencv_contrib-4.5.5. Could adding it solve the problem without going through any painful compile? Also, I just learned that the mlt package is not sourced by the slackware package repository (