Move KDE Tips to Discuss?

Thanks for settings Discourse up, I’m really excited to see what benefits it’ll have for the community.

We could have a category for KDE Tips where they would be more discoverable and accessible in one place.
Right now there’s a playlist on youtube and Plasma/Tips - KDE UserBase Wiki + Tips - KDE UserBase Wiki
There are also 3rd party articles and social media threads which could be linked.


I agree. I also think the Tips category should allow any users of this forum to post their own tips. That way we could have a place where anyone could share interesting discoveries about KDE software.


It does seem that Discuss would be the best place for those sort of things.

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This was relatively misused, but r/kde also had the Tip flair that can be used for filtering. It can also be a good resource for finding more tips.


any more opinions on this? I wanna add some tips :slight_smile: