Moving to a new machine / re-installing kubuntu -- settings and preferences migration

i’ve installed kubuntu 24.04 onto a new machine with a separate /home partition (and a different user name, more on this later).

i’m trying to avoid recreating all the settings and preferences all over again on the new machine.

my plan was to use a live USB of gparted to then delete the /home partition from the new machine and replace it with a clone of /home partition from my old machine in hopes of keeping all my settings and preferences for plasma and all the other applications that i would reinstall from a list i’ve made, all the way down to my music player.

however, i wanted to also change the username on the new machine.

and glancing thru my .config folder shows multiple instances of the use of my old machines user name in saved paths and [Identity] type entries.

so how scrambled would things get to just completely replace the /home partition of a new install with a used /home partition from a previous version of kubuntu using a different user?

that seems like it would be asking for pain… would it even be possible?

Of course it depends on the specific files invovled for you, but I have done this on more than one occasion, though it has been more than a couple or three years ago or so. No major drama that I recall.

Most of the paths in the configs are for wallpapers and such, and maybe recent files, and iirc file indexing data/settings (maybe?). Nothing that broke login or regular usage. Some applications popped an error on startup mentioning a file or path, so it was very easy to locate and edit the few things I needed to.

It wouldn’t hurt to take that search and edit those files ahead of time, if you want, or at least discover which ones are involved and what they might affect.

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i’m gonna give a shot.