Multi-monitor problems

Hello. I have two problems with my KDE-plasma installation.

  1. It forgets which monitor is left and which is right, so every time I reboot, I have to make this adjustment.

  2. Every now and then, the login-screen simply has a button that says “Unlock” and clicking it doesn’t do anything. This can be resolved by switching to a console and running “loginctl unlock-sessions”.

KDE Plasma Desktop version (meta-package?) is 5:142 and I am running Debian Testing. The package “plasma-desktop” is version 4:5.27.2-1.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to solve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome Alan!

#2 was just fixed yesterday, to be released with Plasma 5.27.5.

#1 will require a bug report with detailed info. Can you read How to report Multiscreen bugs | Mart and submit a bug report at https://bugs/


Thank you ngraham! I will file a bug report.

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