Multi Monitor Setup on Wayland: One Desktop not working

Hello, I have 4 monitors. On three of them, I can right click on the Desktop and the context menu opens. I can also drag folders and files with my mouse as - everything as expected. But on one of them, there is simply no interaction. There is a wallpaper, but the Desktop doesn’t do anything.
System Settings > Display & Monitor > Display Configuration seem correct - I don’t see any issue there.

Additional information:

  • when I go to Virtual Desktop 2, the bug is resolved and all 4 monitors interact - as inteded
  • I have an auto tiling KWin Script and there’s also a problem, implying that there is an issue with the desktop. It tiles windows on that monitor to the right - even though it should fill the screen automatically due to it being the only window on the screen. As mentioned, this also is resolved when switching to another virtual desktop
  • Even when I maximize the window on the “bugged monitor”, the window only interacts on the right side. As if it only registers inputs on the the right half of the monitor.
  • I plugged one of my monitors out and then the same exact issue still happened - two out of three monitors worked as intended and one of them showed the same bug, so it has nothing to do with me having 4 monitors.

KDE Neon
Plasma 6.0.5

I have the same issue on 6.1, the update didn’t fix it.