Multiple monitors will not enter power saving/blank

I run Manjaro w/KDE Plasma, posting on that forum usually doesn’t go well so I figured I’d try here.

I’ve had this problem with this PC/monitors since I built it, at least with Plasma. Issue is that if I set it up to blank the monitors, they will start to enter blank, then wake back up, over and over again. I have 4 monitors, 3 are the same model, 1 is different but this has been happening since I just had the 3 same monitors. The 1 newer monitor will blank immediately and go to standby. The 3 older monitors typically will show “no input” for like 3 seconds then shut the backlight off and go to standby.

If I run…

kscreen-doctor --dpms off   

It’s pretty much the same thing except they just wake back up, they don’t go into the loop of blank/back on. Seems like they either don’t shut off fast enough or don’t shut off at the exact same time and something freaks out over the monitor arrangement changing…not really sure.

For a long time I just left screen blanking disabled but I’d like to finally get it working. as I need the monitors to shut down but not sleep/hibernate the PC. I just switched to Wayland while trying this as when using X11, the monitors will come back with the position all messed up. Wayland they at least all come back to the same position I set them to.

Any ideas?