Need help for debugging the problem of entering transaction in master branch


I wanted to test master branch, but seems like entering the transaction is bugged somehow.

I have setup of
1 asset account (savings) currency CAD
1 asset account (savings) currency EUR.

The transaction I try to record is to move 2,30 CAD (1,56 €) from cad account to EUR Account.


  1. I open cad account.
  2. I press “new transaction”
    3)date today, amount 2,30 to payment field
  3. I select EUR account as category
  4. exchange rate/price editor pops up
  5. I enter “to amount” 1,56 and then I press “OK”

Next is the wierd part. The transaction “ui” also closes, transaction is not recorded…

How I can debug whats is really wrong here? I suspect that it is something wrong with Exchange rate /price editor or how it is called, or how to return from there.
The normal transactions without currency changes works ok.

Are you using wayland or xorg? In case of wayland, can you try on xorg?

Oh… Windows build. not linux.