New Epub reader app

Peruse has library management features and I think it’s really meant for comic books. Okular is first and foremost a PDF reader app with no attempt at library management functionality.

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That’s your opinion, one with which i disagree.

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No, it’s a document viewer.

Feel free to make it as good for other document types as it currently is for PDF. I would quite like it if we had one app that could do all of this.

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I’m all confused by this answer, why should I be the one to improve Okular?

I think I’m done with this conversation now.

Is Peruse still actively developed? Peruse - KDE UserBase Wiki says Peruse is in beta.

I am hacking on it occasionally. Currently I have a branch that runs on Android again (with some bugs :smile: ) Along the way of porting to android I sometimes catch bugs that are also in the desktop version.


thanks for the tipp, nate. This has slipped my attention. Will check it out!

While it is exciting to hear we might get a decent ePub reader, personally I would also prefer this functionality be added to Okular, rather than using a separate program.


Could something like KParts be created with QtQuick?