New WIP notetaking app

I have recently started working on a two year old project of mine again, which was just sitting unpublished on my old laptop. It is a “see what you get” markdown based note taking tool called “MarkNote”.

Supported Features:

  • multiple Notebooks with different icons and highlight colors
  • basic formatting (bold, italics)
  • automatic saving

Planed things:

  • more formatting features like headings etc…

I’m really enjoying it, keep up the good work!

looks promising to be my new notes app.
made me think of Paper

Looks like the same layout but you know, better because it’s Qt :smiley:


That was the idea:). Originally I wanted to build a qt Joplin thingy but when I found paper I really liked some of it’s designs and kinda copied them :point_right: :point_left::joy:


I am speaking on behalf of the people who are not well versed on programming & stuff, it would be really nice if project page has instructions about how to build the app. On gnome side gnome builder took care of that stuff.

Look into kdesrc-build. It makes it really easy to compile from git-main.

Edit: This only works for kde apps unfortunately.

I added build instructions to the readme


kdesrc-build only works for packages that are in the KDE namespaces like multimedia, frameworks, network, etc. It can’t be used for personal projects on KDE’s Gitlab.