Nimf stopped working on KDE desktop/applications after update

Hello! I was using nimf (http s :// - sorry for the malformed link but the forum software won’t let me post it otherwise) on Plasma 5. Since upgrading to Plasma 6, nimf no longer works on the KDE desktop, search in the KDE super menu, or various KDE applications such as Konsole or Kate.

However, nimf still works on Firefox. I can verify this as I’m able to type Korean with nimf, on Firefox. I suspect other apps will work, but Firefox has been the only app I’ve tried.

I’ve followed the configuration steps on the Arch Linux wiki, and the IM_MODULE exports are set in .xprofile. Does Plasma 6 still respect this export? Do I have to update the QT variable (like QT4_IM_MODULE to QT5_IM_MODULE)?