No duel boot menu, how to proceed?

Still a bit mystified by the extent of KDE, loving it though.

When I installed Plasma it wrote over my duel boot, and I also lost verbose boot time messages. I would like to reformat various OS on that other boot HDD to force my bios to boot the Plasma SDD instead. Does anyone have a recommendation for software or procedure that could help? My BIOS is not easily accessible due a super clunky hardware upgrade (W.I.P). Anyway, I am worried I will ruin the journal on the HDD

I had a similar issue occur. The main question is: Did Grub get erased, or did you lose your /boot partition? The latter is a big mess, and harder to fix, while reinstalling GRUB isn’t so hard… Have you ever manually booted Linux from a Grub recovery? That’s what you’re going to have to do… And if you haven’t, it is very tedious the first time… To check the current state of things, make a bootable USB from the KDE ISO image then boot off of that so you’ll have the tool to manually load/boot the kernel… it will also let you check the status of your partitions. You are going to need some Google-foo, to familiarize yourself with Grub commands, though. As I said, it is tedious the first time but not difficult. Once you do it once, it’s easy after that because the steps make sense.

This is more of an Operating System issue, not related to KDE (unless you’re talking about KDE Neon).


Tedious? To me that’s literally standing in cyberspace and surrounded by robots! I could die with all my bookmarks. Anyway. Thanks for the heads up.

@Justin is correct, I was just trying to point you in the right direction… Apologies for the inappropriate post…

If it is just an issue with GRUB, the solution will depend on what distro you’re using. Would you please respond with the distro and version you have Plasma installed on?