No notification volume in KDE 6?

I recall being able to adjust notification volume in KDE 5.

In KDE 6 I can disable notification sounds under Colors & Themes > System Sounds, but I can’t find any setting for notification volume.

Is this a bug? Has it been removed? Is it coming back?

The reason I’m asking is because after updating last night my notification volume is suddenly a lot louder than it was before. I always had it lowered in KDE 5, which carried over to KDE 6 just fine, but now after updating again it’s like my notification volume has been reset.

Sometimes it takes a while before the bar pops up. I’ve seen this behavior plenty of times over the years regardless of OS. It’s like KDE Connect taking a few reboots sometimes before it will find your phone.

I saw a post on reddit about disabling system sounds and there is also a kde bug.

I’ve done some testing and there’s potentially a few things that could be going on. One possible fix is to use pavucontrol to adjust the System Sounds volume then go to System Settings > Sound and you should see the volume slider for Notification Sounds there.

If you reduce that to 0% and you still have sound play, then that likely means you have wireplumber 0.5.0 installed (along with libwireplumber 0.5.0) which doesn’t reduce the notification volume even if the volume is changed. Additionally, with 0.5.0, if you reduce the volume and then restart, the volume change is not remembered and it’s back to 100%.

The temporary fix I’ve found for this is to downgrade to an earlier version of (lib)wireplumber, such as 0.4.17.

If you do need to downgrade to another version, you’ll need to use the pavucontrol workaround again to get the volume slider to show, but it should remember the change and the volume slider should stay between restarts.

Good sleuthing! The pavucontrol trick plus downgrading wireplumber worked exactly as you described. Thanks for the help.