No Place nor Bookmarks in some apps when I use the embedded file browser

Hi, all

I use Arch with Plasma X11 desktop.

I do not see neither the Places nor the Bookmarks icons/widgets/buttons to locate files when I need to open them inside some apps, for example Firefox and Inkscape.

In this configuration, I need to drop files to be opened or use Dolphin > RightClick >OpenWith, and that is cumbersome.

How can I solve this? I’m pretty new to Plasma, since I come from an Openbox + tint2 desktop.

Can you clarify what exactly you’re doing that isn’t working properly?

Sure. Thanks for responding.

This for the LibreOffice app:

This is for the Mozilla Firefox app:

As you can see, there is no Places nor Bookmarks buttons/widgets in those ‘Open File’ dialogs. I have three extra partitions where I put relevant files, and have them bookmarked or linked via Places.

However, the Dolphin app works perfectly in this regard:

You can always drag them to the location panel. And, it seems to me you’re talking about the gtk file picker.
In firefox about:config you could set widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.file-picker to 1. That would give you the kde file picker.

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As far as Firefox, I can change the setting per profile, and it works OK now.

As Libreoffice, yes, I added my folders to the left panel (not so obvious, because there is no any clue for that ;D ). I was expecting Ctrl-D to add the bookmarks, but it’s not the case.

The Documentation also lacks this info. I would love to contribute to add this. Where do I have to add it?

Anyways, problem solved! Thank you.