Non-root Xorg on KDE Plasma

I’ve noticed that in the latest release of Fedora KDE spin (38) Xorg is not running as a root anymore. Before that, it was root process even in the Wayland session. This is not the case in the other KDE distros, they are still running it as root, so apparently the Fedora KDE maintainers made some tweaks. I was wondering how to configure it on other distros, like Arch, for example.

I think if you use sddm it defaults to rootless.
You can verify with ps -o user= -C Xorg

Yeah, I test it with this command, also with btop. On Debian, Arch, Kubuntu it is root process. It’s rootless only on Fedora. Maybe they are using some patched sddm.

On my Arch its rootless. I use sddm-git, not the normal sddm package maybe that’s why?

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It seems it can be configured with the recent release of sddm 0.20 on Arch if you put:

DisplayServer = x11-user

in etc/sddm.conf

(Bear in mind I haven’t tested it extensively, it might have issues)

So, it doesn’t work on Debian since it is using the older version. But it was somehow configured rootless on the older 0.19 version on Fedora.

Nice. I somehow missed that there was a new sddm version.

Fedora uses/used a patched version of sddm not the normal 0.19 release. I think they also started sddm in wayland mode by default. Changes/WaylandByDefaultForSDDM - Fedora Project Wiki

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