Non-square application menu button on a vertical taskbar in Plasma 6

How can I make the application menu button on a vertical taskbar non-square in Plasma 6.0? In Plasma 5.27 the button was somehow configurable to be wide and its icon would get resized and centered.

I tried setting an icon that would be horizontal (512x256 px), but the button is still square, just vertically centered:


What I’m trying to achieve:


(I’m a new user, so I can only embed 1 image per post)

unless it’s changed in plasma 6, that area will always be square.

you can make the icon fill the area more by trimming off any padding it may have around the edges using an image editor.

but even if you trim the image to be rectangular, the task bar will still be a square.

It’s a bummer, but thanks for the short and honest answer! I hope that Plasma will start allowing this in the future, it wastes a lot of space on a vertical panel unless the panel is extremely narrow.

mine is narrow,


but the clock requires a hack for the font to be large enough to read.