Notifications based on keyword

One facility which is needed is to be able to be notified of new posts which contain a particular keyword. I won’t generally have time to keep an eye on new posts but would like to be notified whenever KAlarm is mentioned, so that I can help users with issues. Without such notifications, I’m unlikely to be aware of their questions.

Current categories/topics/tags are either too broad, or not applicable, to set up the notifications which I need. No doubt the list of topics/tags will expand, but that doesn’t help just now. But in any case, keywords are a more sure way of finding posts, since topics/tags depend on the poster’s choice.

I don’t think there’s a keyword notification system. You can watch the tag though

I couldn’t find any kalarm tag when I looked for it - there only seemed to be a handful of tags available. Has that tag been newly added, or are tags undiscoverable?

I think tags need to be added. We can add the required tags and then you can subscribe to the rss feed too I think. Add .rss to any url and you will get a feed. Using akregator for rss can give you notification on the deskop. Or you can watch the tag which will give you mail notification.