Okular on Windows - Powerpoint

I’m using Okular on Window (since many years), and Okular is set to be the standard app for pdf-file in the windows settings.

Now, I found that there must be a setting within MS Office 365, that Adobe Acrobat is used, when a pdf-file is set for an action in Powerpoint.

Does anybody have an idea on how I can change this?

Best regards,
K. Schröer

uninstall adobe acrobat? Microsoft and Adobe have some really shady deals, they allow full access to these programs over everything its crazy.

Isn’t there an add-on for Acrobat in Office? You may have to uninstall that add-on to stop the behavior or change some other setting in Office or Acrobat.

Thank you for your time.
I don’t have any add-ins in Office, and I didn’t find any menu in Office to influence this.

Looks like what Henning wrote.
(Finally, I cannot uninstall acrobat-reader, because of certain functions, which I need frequently.)

It’s good to know - I can live with that.

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