Opening files from Dolphin in Gwenview - focus issue

When I open a file from Dolphin which launches in Gwenview, I would like Gwenview to take focus. Instead, Dolphin remains in focus. Is there a way to achieve this?
thank you

Thanks! I like the window rule idea, but that option is not available in my version of Dolphin 22.12.3

I see there are some similar things when right-clicking the top bar, and also some similar options in KDE system settings, but nothing quite like as suggested.

Any ideas where the suggested options are now?

I think I have found it.

Window Rule > Application Settings for Gwenview (or right-click top bar of Gwenview)

Add property > “Focus stealing prevention” Set to “force” and “none”.

Seems to work - I will update if I find any issues with this solution.