OpenTimelineIO Import not working

I just installed Kdenlive for the first time. I’ve installed Python as well with no errors. I wanted to import a EDL I exported from another program, When I choose the Import option from the File menu it launches the "Configure your OpenTimelineIO conversion dialog. I selected the button to install missing dependencies and get the following:

I’ve tried it several times, restarted Kdenlive as well, nothing seems to work. Any suggestions, please?


Kdenlive only supports the OpenTimelineIO format besides its own .kdenlive project file format. So you need to go back to the other application and export again using OpenTimelineIO

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I still can’t get the OpenTimelineIO module to complete the setup. Do I not need it? I’m confused.


You do need it. Seems like the install doesn’t work from within Kdenlive. I suggest you install OpenTimelineIO yourself by downloading the files from their site and then following the ‘install packages’ instructions.