Opinions on handling localized folders

I am not going to open up a feature request yet because I want to hear people’s opinion on this.

Similar discussion in the fedora discuss: Fake names for localized xdg folders? - Fedora Discussion

The idea is that dolphin should probably “lie” to the user about the XDG specified directories in a similar way Windows does.

For reference a folder such as “Λήψεις” (Downloads) would be visually be shown with the greek localization under explorer however when using powershell it would actually act as a symlink to “Downloads”. I am not saying we generate symlinks however what we could do instead is “soft lie” to the user about the real name of the directory.

For example let’s assume :
XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR="$HOME/Downloads" and the locale is set to Greek the folder appears in the Greek locale under Dolphin.

Proposal benefits:

  1. Although rare sometimes bugs pop up with various language features under the terminal.(check the original thread)
  2. It’s good to avoid as many spaces in file names as possible.
  3. Many programs may simply not be able to handle unicode because they are badly written.
  4. Currently setting up an IME on linux is not the most pleasing experience at least in my experience. I can only imagine pain languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese can cause. Especially if the user is stuck and just wants to grab a file from his downloads for example.

The feature of setting the “real names” to files is not gone either, as the user-dirs.dirs is still used to pull the directories. So one can still use directory names based on his or her locale.