Opt out? Opt in? Opt Green! Announcing KDE Eco's new 2-year project

Fresh off the press: A new blog post announcing the KDE Eco project “Opt Green: Sustainable Software For Sustainable Hardware” (Invent repository).

50% of European consumers report they buy new devices due to unsupported software, while the “tsunami of e-waste” continues to rise. KDE and Free Software can keep those devices in use and out of the landfill. Today!

For the next two years, the “Opt Green” initiative will bring sustainable Free Software directly to consumers. This is as good a time as ever. On 14 October 2025, the end of support for Windows 10 is estimated to make e-waste out of 240 million computers ineligible for the upgrade to Windows 11. In 2026 (at the earliest), macOS support for Intel-based Apple computers, the last sold in 2020, is expected to end, rendering even more millions upon millions of functioning devices obsolete. By comparison, only in 2022 did Linus Torvalds first suggest ending kernel support for Intel 486 processors from 1989. That’s a whopping 33 years of Linux support!

You don’t need new hardware for a secure, up-to-date digital device; you just need the right software!

KDE Eco needs you to make this project a success. There are many ways to get involved, whether you are a developer, a journalist, a designer, or a Free Software enthusiast. See the blog post above for more information. Additional ideas are more than welcome and part of the project will be figuring out what works.

Read the Mastodon toot announcing the project: KDE Eco: "Opt out? Opt in? Opt Green! 50% of consumers buy…" - FLOSS.social


This project is funded by the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV1). The funds are made available by resolution of the German Bundestag. The publisher is responsible for the content of this publication.