Overlaying video on a still image


I’m new to kdenlive and video editing as a whole.

I have simple project, from bottom to top:
(V1) Blured image (.png) in the background, about 50% opacity.
(V2) Simple still image (.png) standing over it with 100% opacity.
(V3) A video of sparkling embers over a black background, with added Composite > Black Background.

The embers on V3 are visible over the (V1) blured image but my main image on V2 still covers it. I’m still learning, am I missing something about compositing here? I can display the embers over my main image if I lower its opacity, but it looks bad to me. Is there a way to Composite a video over a 100% image ?


This is a packaging issue with the Flatpak version. You can use the AppImage as a workaround.