Password prompts in unlock screens, etc

I’m trying to advocate for the use of KDE in a large enterprise environment. Our desktop systems can be configured with either OTP/YubiKey or with PIV_II smartcards (badges or USB fobs) with a fallback to password. Our standard configuration is GDM + Gnome on RHEL9. If I switch my desktop to KDE (supplied through EPEL9), GDM prompts me for the correct credentials type which could be password, OTP+PIN, or PIV_II PIN, depending on which device I have plugged in (our MFA solutions are migrating, so we don’t have a single one enforced right now). When the screen locks, I am only offered a prompt for a password. In most cases, my OTP+PIN works when I enter it, but if I enter the wrong credentials more than 3 times, my devices is locked. It would be a really great feature to have KDE detect which credential is needed and prompt for the correct one. This would enhance the possibility of allowing KDE for our general user population.